Parsia Rezai | April 26, 2020 

  • Insane Jacket Game

From the leather to the fur to just the simple hoodie, Snoh Aalegra has a wardrobe filled with staple statement jackets.

Wave Magazine

  • Elegant Pops of Color

For the most part, Snoh's style isn't one dictated by many colors aside from neutrals, but when she does go colorful, she knows how to use it in elegant explosions.

  • Her Casual is not Your Casual

Handpicked by Highsnobiety to model the season's best Boyfriend Sweaters, Snoh's version of comfy and casual is not the everyday, even if she may make it look that way..

  • Her High-Fashion is not Your High-Fashion

A fiend for high-fashion and custom pieces, just like when Snoh dresses it down, Snoh dressing it up is in another league.

  • Can Look Her Best when She's Dressing in Streetwear

Watch any of her music videos, follow her on social media, and you'll see a balanced fashionista that rocks designer streetwear with as much grace and artistic prowess as with her love for couture houses.

  • Print Hand Strong

From animal prints to floral to her one-of-a-kind stage jumpsuits, Snoh understands the power of a good print.

  • Never Takes Away from Her Natural Beauty

With roots between Iran & Sweden, Snoh's natural beauty is ultimately unique, and she never does too much to take away from it.

  • Dresses like She's from the Most Stylish Future

Snoh has wide-ranging taste in fashion, so when she takes risks and experiments with futuristic design, she goes all out.

  • She's a Haute Couture Model

It's one thing to be beautiful, it's another entirely to walk in Paris Fashion week. But, here she is.

  • She can Make a Grill Look Classy & Casual

Anyone following her style closely knows that Snoh Aalegra loves to rock a gold grill, and anyone knows that she pulls it off better than most.