I’ve been in need of a fix that only some southern comfort can provide, and I’m not talking cheap whiskey (though I’m certainly not counting it out). I’m talking good ol’ fashion, home-cooked, sweet southern hip-hop. I’m talking about the character, the imperfection, and the grit that has made the South an unstoppable hip-hop engine since Rick Rubin produced The Geto Boys in 1990.


Today, I’m talking Summa Jam – a track worthy of its title by way of Chattanooga artists $hoey, Michael da Vinci, YGTUT, and Bbymutha. It’s everything we want in a collaboration in combination with everything we love about southern hip-hop. It’s a well-balanced track showcasing the talent of all four artists on board while holding true to their unique individual styles – styles that are purely southern from the slow flow to the buttery accents to the honest storytelling of struggles and success.


We’ll have this one on repeat for a while.

Listen to Summa Jam here and be on the lookout for new music from all the Chattanooga artists on board