2018 Officially Belongs to Tobi Lou with the arrival of tobi lou and the Juice 

 Evan Dale // Aug 14, 2018 

We’re in the midst of a moment right now – maybe even the beginnings of an era. Since 2016, but over the past year in particular, Tobi Lou has built himself and his loyal fans an impossibly fun alternative reality to the rest of the existing hip-hop sphere. Defined by bubbly positivism, light-hearted thematics, and love-struck relatability, he’s released a trio of projects in accompaniment of a smattering of singles that have quickly and steadily began to change hip-hop’s over-arching soundscape without removing himself from its roots. 


His most recent project, tobi lou and the Juice, is also his most vibrant. Littered by an absurd list of features including Galimatius in an inescapably head-bobbing role on High Score, and Zack Villere in a groovy and sensual vocal exhibition on Birthday Boy, the project’s sound is formed with a rounder view than its predecessors.


Really, tobi lou and the Juice is a display of his continued progression showing his ever-expanding lyrical prowess and productive experimentation, while still hanging on to his bubbly bread and butter. 


Put it on repeat and let Tobi Lou’s happiness guide you.

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