What is

R N G L D R ?

RNGLDR Magazine is an online literary, audio, and visual publication dedicated to the in-depth exploration of Music, Style, Design, and Photography.

Disappointed with and bored of other publications claiming a similar purpose, RNGLDR was founded to provide full and focused immersion into the world of creative passions existing in harmony with everyday life, without the distractions so commonly inhibiting other magazines.

Evan Dale | Editor in Chief

The founder and lead contributor of RNGLDR, Evan is more than just content creation. He's the general direction and flow of day-to-day operations and long-term concept development, primarily focused on exploring the world's music and art movements.

Email: Evan@RNGLDR.com

Kellen Fredrickson | Creative Director

The only thing more dialed than his vision is his sense of style. Kellen is the primary writer and researcher for RNGLDR's Style directive, as well as being one of the primary content creators regarding music and its coalescence with design and fashion.

Email: Kellen@RNGLDR.com

Mitch Dumler | Art Director

With a sharp focus on RNGLDR's future, Mitch finds himself most strongly driven by his love for music and fashion. But perhaps where he shines brightest is in envisioning and shaping the direction of the magazine and his other creative ideals at a macro scale. 

Email: Mitch@RNGLDR.com

Eric Laufer | Director of Photography

Enjoying concerts most when witnessing them through a lens, Eric is a photographer whose vision and talent bring to life the truth and honesty in his work and the experiences he shoots. A fervent fan of the left-of-centre, his influence on the RNGLDR extends far beyond photography. 

Email: Eric@RNGLDR.com