The Legacy of Zion I's Steve 'Zumbi' Gaines who Passed at Age 49

From the very beginning, the hyper-lyrical, consciously rooted raps of front man, Steve ‘Zumbi’ Gaines danced across the framework of electronically nuanced beats from DJ and producer, Amp Live. Undisputedly ahead of their time when it came to infusing a signature sound with cyber-punk keystrokes that left a listener suspended sans gravity in a futurist sonic space, Zumbi’s raps acted as a balancing act, carrying more than enough gravity to bring a listener not only back to Earth, but into their own mind....

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An Interview with 20-Year-Old Philanthropic Stylist, Chi Ilochi

Age is only a number, and for 20-year-old Nigerian-American fashion stylist, Chi Ilochi, other number mean much more. The number of opportunities she makes for herself to teach people self-expression through fashion; the number of individuals with disabilities that she has styled; the number of underrepresented communities that she aims to lift up through fashion. Chi truly is the fusion of fashion and philanthropy.

'I like for my work to be timeless, and also cater to my client’s personal interests and personality.'

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